What to send as Amount in terms of Recurring/One TIme

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What to send as Amount in terms of Recurring/One TIme
On our system, a user can either donate one time, or set up recurring monthly payments.  I am not exactly sure which amount to send to Sage when this happens.  If a user donates $120 one time, that's simple, I just push the 120.00 as the amount. However, if someone is giving $10 a month, do I push 10.00 as the amount (the first payment), or do I push 120.00 (the full amount). I am just using the VAULT service to tokenize the data, and I wasn't sure if there was any sort of verification happening regarding the amount.   
Are you using the Vault to do

Are you using the Vault to do your own Recurring charges? If so, you'll use the GUID (token) to process the $10 monthly charge. The GUID can be used to process any amount. Please let us know if you have any further questions. 

Hey Robert, 
Hey Robert,  Yes.  However, does it matter what amount I send to get the Vault GUID? Part of Payments JS requires that I send the amount, even though under paytype I have it set to Vault.  So my question is does it matter if I send $120 or $10 -- does that have any affect on getting back the Vault GUID? Ie, does it check if the card can cover that amount, etc. 
If the "requestType" is set

If the "requestType" is set to "vault" the amount will be ignored. The request will just return a GUID, there's no amount associated with that GUID. You can remove the "amount" string if all you're doing is a Vault request. It's only required if you're processing a transaction. 

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