PaymentsJS and .NET CMS

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PaymentsJS and .NET CMS

Description of the issue:

Recently we received an email from a client using a .NET CMS with PaymentsJS version 1.0.2. They were utilizing Sitefinity.

This is an ASP.NET CMS. They were using the CMS in conjunction with PaymentsJS to process payments as part of a larger

solution.Within Sitefinity the user has the ability to edit MVC/Feather Widgets on a page; however, the edit dialog would not

appear. This meant they could not edit the majority of their site.



They found that there is an issue when PaymentsJS is loaded with the solution as it would prevent the editor from loading. This

seems to be due to some incompatibility between our JavaScript library and the built in administrative tools within the CMS.

They made the change to delay loading the PaymentsJS library until after the administrative functions were complete.


Integration Notes:

While we have received no other concerns regarding this issue, we are considering following addition to our documentation:

Loading the PaymentsJS library may interfere with competing administrative functionality when using MVC and ASP.NET

or similar frameworks. If you run into an error outside of payment processing you may delay loading the PaymentsJS library

until the administrative function is complete.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this article or send us an email at [email protected]