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From where can I find MID and MKEY for the account, in which I have created APP. I have loggedin through developer.sagepayments.com
Re: MID and MKEY

That is a good question. You are welcome to use the test merchant account credentials we provide within the API Sandbox, linked above, or within our sample applications on our GitHub repository. I have included them here as well.

  • Merchant ID: 173859436515
  • Merchant Key: P1J2V8P2Q3D8

Since these are values that we share with all of our developers you will not have access to the Virtual Terminal (VT) to review your test transactions. If you would like an individual test merchant account with VT access please feel free to request this from us directly at [email protected]. Since it sounds like this is what you are looking for I will go ahead and reach out to you directly with a test account. Please feel free to reply here, within the forums, with any additional questions or contact us directly at [email protected].

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