Issues with Internet Explorer

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Issues with Internet Explorer

$REQUEST.doPayment(cc, exp, cvv, function(data) {
alert( $RESPONSE.getApiResponse());

In Chrome, this works fine but not in IE. Do you have specific recommendations to get this to work in IE?

Re: Issues with Internet Explorer

Thanks for your post, we're happy to help. PaymentsJS currently uses "ECMAScript 2015" (aka "ES6") - These standards

allow JavaScript to remain consistent across browsers. Internet Explorer doesn't support ES6 until IE11. It will not work in

IE9 or IE10. We have added a backlog for a future release to expand browser support that should resolve this in older

browsers such as IE9. Meanwhile you may want to add a note on your site to "Please use X browser for best experience".

If you are using a newer version of Internet Explorer and still experiencing an issue, please reach out to us directly for

further troubleshooting. You can reach us at [email protected].




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