Getting Started - What you should know first!

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Getting Started - What you should know first!
I recently set up my integration using the direct api and there were a lot of gotcha's that I wish I knew heading in that caused me delays. The documentation is very incomplete at this moment so I figured I would go ahead and share what I learned here in case it helps someone else in the future.
  • You need to "create an app" using the my apps section in the menu. Upon completeing that you will get a clientID and Secret. You need to use that in your code.
  • You need a client merchant ID and KEY that is enabled on the sandbox. If you're working between 9am and 5pm EST monday through friday you can contact the support email to get a test merchant account set up to use, however if you're off hours, here is the default one that you can use:
    • Sandbox MID: 173859436515
    • Sandbox MKey: P1J2V8P2Q3D8
  • Get Specific responses and test card numbers here: (any amount not listed will come back approved)
  • HTTP Repsonse codes - They are important! You need to extract them from the response when you get your response, here is a break down of what you can expect:
  Response code: 201
  • For Sale and Authorization charge types and Credit types, 201 means approved.
  • 201's will always be accompanied by a json encoded body that has all the infromation (always log the reference code as its needed for other operations on the transaction)
Response Code: 200
  • For VOIDS and setting a prior "Authorization" only transaction to "capture" a successful transaction returns code 200.
  • There will be no content body returned with these transactions.
  • For 200 on Sale / Authorization / Credit transactions, then you are looking at a Denied issue, you can check the "response->status" to confirm denied.
Response Code: 4XX
  • You are looking at some sort of API error, check the json encoded response for error codes and messages.
   Also note the URL you use to void charges vs voiding credits... they are slightly different ;)    Hopefully this helps some people until they get the developer area more hashed out.      
I'm trying to test, but
I'm trying to test, but getting a this as a response: message: 'TEST CARDS ONLY', code: '000000', I'm assuming I need test cards, but the URL you provided doesn't resolve. Any other way I can obtain test cards?
Apologies for that. We will

Apologies for that. We will send you the Test Cardnumbers list shortly. 

re: Getting this set up in Woocommerce
Does anyone know how to set up a Sandbox with Woocommerce? I've followed the instructions above, and created an app. But, how do you get the Merchant ID and Key for your specific sandbox account and how do you see the test transactions in a test merchant account? There is no information given on how to actually get these things. Thanks.
Please send [email protected]

Please send [email protected] a contact name, name of the company, email address, and we'll create your test account. Thank you.

Please send [email protected]

Please send [email protected] a contact name, name of the company, and emial address. And we'll have your test credentials sent shortly. 

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