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Failed to tokenize data
I was testing ACH payments in our QA environment, and everything was working fine. However, in our staging environment, I'm getting this error: { TERMINAL_SETTINGS:  { 'xmlns:xsi': '', 'xmlns:xsd': '', TERMINAL_ID: '1210', EXCEPTION: { MESSAGE: 'Did NOT Validate' }, SCHEMA_FILE_PATH: '', XML_TEMPLATE_PATH: '' } } And the specific error was "Failed to tokenize data." Does our staging environment need to be whitelisted for this to work properly, or is this a different issue?
Please provide a sample of

Please provide a sample of that reequest and include the Client ID.  You can send it directly to us at [email protected].  Thank you.

Landon Otis
Error returned on site upon payment submission
Hi Support, it looks like we are having a similar issue to Matt. I've already sent you an email to [email protected], but thought I would chime in here too. The error we are receiving looks somewhat incomplete, but if you've ever seen the DOCTYPE declaration on a page before you'll recognize it. Our last successfully processed payment was last night. Our error is: DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML
Landon Otis
Outdated endpoint
Heard back from support via email and it appears the issue we were having was due to our endpoint being outdated. We were provided with a new endpoint URL which seems to have fixed our problem.
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