C_SSN Error but no place to enter the information

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Luis R Garcia
C_SSN Error but no place to enter the information
Hi,  My Virtual terminal is 703836972195 and recently we are getting C_SSN errors on the return string from processing Virtual checks. This didn't happen before, I was looking at the documentation and didn't find anything that would say where to enter it.  Also what number should it be?   I get the same thing even with the test check information. Please note that this is my last resort since I have been unsuccessful in ANY other attempts to get ANY response or even a  peep of response from the developer team since they moved over to Paya.  After 15 years I am seriously considering another processor option If I can't get this resolved or even a email reply asap.     Luis Garcia Sr Systems Engineer Smart City Telecom O: 407-828-6935 C: 321-436-5970 Email: [email protected]    
Re: C_SSN Error but no place to enter the information

Luis, we will reach out and reply to your request via emial. Typically the C_SSN error indicates you are not including the Social Security Number with your ACH transaction request. You didn't state which API you are using to process these requests. If you are not sure which API you are using please include the URL Endpoint you are using to process your transactions. If you are entering them directly into the Virtual Terminal you have reached the incorrect team for assistance. That would be our Virtual Support team. You can reach them using the contact information below. If you need assistance with or have any questions regarding the Paya APIs, you are definitely in the right place. You can reach us here or by emailing us at [email protected].

Virtual Support Contact

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 877-470-4001

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