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Better documentation
Need documentation on reponse values for all endpoints. How am I supposed to check for a successfull transaction if I don't know the data I should be checking for?   Example: I am trying to post an Authorization. The resposne tab of the documentation, says I should be expecting a status field, but what data will be in that field when I get the response?
Apologies for the

Apologies for the inconvenience.  The response packet for both Sale and Auth are located below (I've underlined the status field).  The API Sandbox and the sample I provided yesterday will also give you the same results.  You can reach out to us directly at [email protected] if you need further assistance. 

  "status": "Approved",
  "reference": "DB3G8bA3M0",
  "message": "APPROVED 000010                 ",
  "code": "000010",
  "cvvResult": "P",
  "avsResult": "N",
  "riskCode": "00",
  "networkId": "10",
  "isPurchaseCard": false,
  "orderNumber": "1234ss5s6",
  "transactionId": null,
  "timestamp": "2016-11-03T08:36:10.8492517-04:00"
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