Authorization required twice to complete purchase via Sage 100

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Authorization required twice to complete purchase via Sage 100
I am obtaining a Token and Authorization for a credit card on a website. I am providing this information to Sage 100. When the client attempts to charge the card on the same day via Sage 100 they receive an error message that the card is not authorized. They have to authorize the card a second time and then accept payment.  The current process is as follows:
  • The website captures a credit card Token.
  • The website authorizes the card for the amount of the online order.
  • I send the order information along with the values to Sage 100. More detail on this below.
I am trying to determine why the original authorization is not good enough to perform the final charge. Some supporting information:
  • An example successful response for authorization looks like this:{"status":"Approved","reference":"F123Dq6Jz0","message":"APPROVED 000001","code":"000001","cvvResult":"M","avsResult":" ","riskCode":"00","networkId":"10","isPurchaseCard":false,"orderNumber":"WW100","timestamp":"2017-04-04T13:51:06.5981322-04:00"} When syncing with Sage, I send the following from the website to Sage 100: SalesOrderNo = Generated on the web PaymentSeqNo = 0 PaymentType = VISA/AMEX/MC/DISCO/CREDITCARD CreditCardGUID = vaultResponse obtained when getting the Token for the credit card. CreditCardAuthorizationNo = code per above TransactionAmt = sale amount CreditCardTransactionID = reference per above  
  • When viewing the order from Sage, the one field that stands out is that the "Card ID" field is blank. I would have assumed this meant the Token was missing, however the original card is not needed to perform a second authorization via Sage.  
  • When viewing transaction details via Sage and comparing the failed charge with the second successful charge I notice that the order number changes with an added suffix. Instead of WW100 it is WW100SO. I don't know if this is important.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


  One of our reps that specializes in Sage 100 will be reaching out to provide assistance.

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