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Sneha Rodney
Auth Key error
I am getting this error, can anyone help with this?   "code": "400000",     "message": "There was a problem with the request. Please see 'detail' for more.",     "detail": "Unable to complete request. This is usually means the authKey could not be decrypted."
Auth Key error

Thanks for posting, welcome to the developer portal, we're happy to help. Here is a list of potential causes.

  • Using production Client ID and Client Secret, but having environment set to "cert" (certification or test environment). The environment property is found in the Initialize script.
  • Using certification Client ID and Client Secret, but having the environment set to "prod" (production environment).
  • Incorrect hash calculation when creating the authKey, for example using something other than PBKDF2” or “RFC2898.
  • Setting up an App on the developer portal and selecting Direct API (Bankcard) instead of PaymentsJS.

If you've reviewed these items and still need some assistance please feel free to reply here or contact us at [email protected].

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