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Merchant Application API

The Merchant Application API allows partners to send merchant bank card application data to Sage Payment Solutions for underwriting review. Using the API, a partner can control the merchant experience in their software, hardware, or web portal integrations. For example, a sign up or product acceptance process can be added to an integration.

Using the API in an integration provides a fully integrated customer experience and expedites the time to the first transaction. New merchants can immediately view and agree to pricing, bank card acceptance terms, and other disclosures in the integration

Getting Started

To get started, sign in or create a new account on the Sage Developer portal. Visit the API Sandbox (click API Sandbox from the top menu bar) to explore any Sage Payment Solutions API, including the Merchant Application API.

Using API

When you are ready, click My Apps (from the top menu bar) to open the My Apps page. Click Add a New App and then complete the fields to add a new application. After saving the app, click the app name to display the keys you need to access the products included in the API.

Complete the steps below to submit a merchant application to Sage Payment Solutions.

Step 1: Get The Merchant Application OAuth Token

First you will need to obtain the OAuth token which will be used when submitting the Merchant Application request (step 2). Your specific Contractor ID (identity value) needs to passed in body to obtain your OAuth token. This is only required for your production credentials.

Important: Send an email to the Support team [email protected] team so that they can link your developer portal Client ID credentials to your Office ID (production only). You can also complete this step at the time of final certification.

Step 2: Posting Merchant Application API Request

Add the token you got in step 1 to the header of all requests being posted to the Merchant Application API.

Need Help?

If you do not know your or Contractor ID or need help setting up a new account, contact your Relationship Manager. Send an email to [email protected] for all other integration related questions or open a support ticket. The integration team is available Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm EST.